ARC Review: Scarlet Odyssey by C.T. Rwizi

Was the story a little confusing at first? Sure. Was it 1000% worth it? ABSOLUTELY. 

Salo is drawn to magic, but in a tribe that considers sorcery a female art and war a man’s, he can’t practice it. However after his village is attacked, the need for a mystic becomes clearer than ever. When the queen finds out he could have the means to become one of the most powerful mystics, she allows him to awaken his talents, and sends him on a quest. Along the way Salo meets unexpected friends, enemies, and begins to unlock his past & powers.

I’m honestly a little speechless. I can understand why the story seems confusing at first, but when it all starts to come together it’s truly amazing. To anyone who DNFs books early I’m begging you not to with this one, you would truly be missing out. 

I really loved all of the characters, from naive but well-meaning Salo, to mischievous Tuk, to fierce Ilapara. All of them were so intricate and unique, made even more impressive by the many different perspectives the story takes. They were incredibly real, and there wasn’t a single one that made me go “ughhh” when the perspective switched. All of their seemingly unconnected stories came together beautifully. 

Then there’s the writing style. Have you ever read a book that makes you forget you’re reading because everything starts playing out before your eyes instead? That’s how I felt with Scarlet Odyssey. Although on the longer side, it never felt bogged down with unnecessary detail. Everything flowed so well, and the setting/culture was absolutely mesmerizing. 

Really, this has everything you could ask for. A compelling fantasy world? Check. Diverse characters? Yep. Heartbreak? For sure. And the list goes on. 

I do wish there were a glossary for some of the magical terms, locations, and their connections. I saw another reviewer post one which was really helpful in keeping all of the tribe’s relationships straight, and the different arcane talents each possesses. The list of characters at the beginning was super helpful, and if there were something like that to reference for the abilities/tribe relations I would’ve been all set! 

This truly felt like just the beginning of the story, as it ends when Salo’s journey to the city is complete. I’m very curious to see what happens now that all of the characters are together, and can’t wait for the next book!

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4.5./5

Intended audience: adult

Content warnings: murder, relationship between 17 and 21 year old*, torture, rape, gore (definitely very graphic/grim at times)

*Please note I do not in any way condone the relationship of a minor and adult.

Happy Reading!

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13 thoughts on “ARC Review: Scarlet Odyssey by C.T. Rwizi

  1. Hello. This book appeals to me too. It always interests me that the human mind is capable of so much. I’m sure there are thousands of us, millions even, who don’t recognise a talent such as Salo’s, or think that they might have it themselves, or know how to develop it.


  2. Now this should be an interesting fantasy read 😍 I love how this is a story about a male pursuing something that is considered more “female”, usually there’s greater emphasis in the publishing industry to have females pursue something that is considered popularly “masculine” (not that I mind it! It’s just refreshing to see a story like this).

    Wonderful review!


  3. I do know some books that made me feel that I am not even reading.. they are Rick Riordan’s books he makes battles so real that sometimes feel that it’s actually happening infront of me.
    Your review is amazing as always.❤️❤️


  4. The rejection of stereotypical gender roles mixed in with what sounds like a great and well built fantasy has me adding this to my tbr!


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