ARC Review: The Space Between Worlds

Is there going to be a sequel? Please tell me there’s going to be a sequel.

Cara is a traverser; someone who walks between the 382 worlds accesible to traveling. All she dreams of is finding her place in the city’s comfortable limits, a place her job will provide. But when that same job leaves Cara nearly dead and stranded on another world, she must reevaluate everything she thought she knew.

Let me start by saying I really did enjoy this book, but it left me confused in a few places. Maybe it’s the fact that I read it while in a reading slump, but there were a few passages that didn’t make sense, or rules/traditions of the world that didn’t have enough explanation.

Besides that, I thought that there were a lot of things that worked well. The characters were all pretty likable and well-developed (especially Esther!), and the world was captivating. I was hoping to see a little more of Cara and Dell’s relationship, and was a bit sad that everything was wrapped up so quickly. I think it felt abrupt because there were so many small subplots instead of one long one; I didn’t really know where the story was headed until it was over.

Its strongest points for me were the themes. I really enjoyed the exploration of healing, interconnectedness, and a kind of nature-versus-nurture dialogue (I know, the psych nerd in me is showing). It made me think of the butterfly effect, and the difference a life can make. And even though this is set in a futuristic earth, there were several heartbreaking parallels to the racism that is alive today in our own world.

I know there probably won’t be a sequel, but I really want there to be, if just to see more of Cara and Dell. Overall this was an enjoyable read, and I’m so happy to see another sci-fi book with LGBTQ+ and POC rep!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 3.5/5 (rounded up)
Pace: Medium
Intended audience: Adult/New Adult
Content warnings: relationship violence, murder, drug abuse, (I feel like I’m forgetting some but this is what I remember)

On a separate note, the topic for this Favorite Friday will be fave main character for anybody who would like to join.

Happy Reading!

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19 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Space Between Worlds

  1. This book looks so interesting and I’ve been trying to get more into sci-fi but I just don’t know how I feel about walking through worlds


      1. That’s really good to hear! I always love getting more thoughts and growth from characters, instead of cheesy interactions.


  2. oh gosh science fiction confuses me so much, but this review makes me want to at least push through and give it a try ❤


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