Favorite Friday: My Favorite Book Genre

After I picked this week’s topic, I realized I actually have no idea what my favorite book genre is. But never fear! I am kind of, sort of, mostly sure I will be able to figure it out by the end of the post.

If you asked me this question 6 years ago, I would have without a doubt said romance. Now, though, romances are a very small part of what I pick up. And if my favorite gene is what I read the most of, it would probably be fantasy. But I don’t necessarily think that’s accurate either.

So, what IS my favorite genre? It is actually a subgenre that I only recently learned the name of: low fantasy. Sounds wonderfully mystical and fancy, right? Really what that means is that I enjoy fantasy set in an otherwise normal world that has small magical/fantastical elements. Don’t get me wrong, I love faeries and alternate realms as well, and some of my favorite books are high fantasy. But there is something undeniably special for me in being able to pretend the magic I am reading about actually exists in my world.

Although it isn’t technically fantasy, I am going to lump in some dystopia to that definition. But think of a “low dystopia” if you will: something more 1984 than Brave New World. If it takes place in a world that seems not far off from our own, you can bet it’s on my TBR. Not that I necessarily want to envision our world going full-on dystopia (although let’s be real, the U.S. is pretty much there), but it feels that much more immersive of an experience. Not to mention I think it’s good to recognize where we could be headed in order to stop it.

All of that being said, I really don’t have a genre, or even two, that I stick with. I’m not even great at reading a series without picking up different books in between. One of my absolute favorite things about reading is being taken to so many different places. I find I don’t get stuck on any particular world, genre, or character, because the joy of books for me is consuming as many different experiences as possible. And it is SO important to read about diverse characters/stories. Books are such a powerful tool, and I think we should all take the opportunities to learn about other people, communities, and cultures. I consider myself lucky to be able to do that.

I hope you enjoyed my very roundabout answer to this week’s favorite, and please tag me in your own favorite genre posts, or leave a comment!

Happy reading (:

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53 thoughts on “Favorite Friday: My Favorite Book Genre

  1. I’ve never been able to get into fantasy books, tending to stick to rom com type books. Recently though I’ve started branching out, reading a lot of thrillers and crime book and have even started reading some historical fiction. ‘What is my favourite genre’ is a very good question….


  2. Low fantasy is something that I want to read more of! I usually read either high fantasy or horror, low fantasy for some reason intimidates me 😅


  3. I love hearing people talk about what genres they like, I find it so interesting! I’ve always been more of a historical/contemporary fiction kinda girl, I haven’t ventured too much into the world of fantasy but I recently found a Booktube channel that’s really inspired me to start expanding my comfort zone to include more fantasy/dystopian stuff which I’m excited about! Thanks for the fun post 🙂


  4. I love so many genres, but I still call romance my favorite because I usually need at least a hint of a romance to pull me in all the way. Think Anna and Kristoff in Frozen. Its there but its not the main draw of the story.


  5. Well, fantasy is a great genre, but my favourite genre is YA romance as it is extremely sweet and adorable. I also love mysteries very much!


  6. Oooh okay I’ve never heard the term low fantasy but I love those type of books too! Don’t get me wrong, I love high fantasy too, but sometimes I want to quickly slip into a book and these are great for that!


  7. I agree, books are a powerful tool, full with possibilities.
    My favorite genre is fantasy too, but I like it to have some touch of romance in the mix – but it doesn’t have to be a strong part, a crush, a kiss, a tryst, anything is good. Magic realism, no matter high or low, is something I’m enjoying much of lately too.
    Great post.


  8. Same here, if someone were to have asked me this question a few years ago, I would definitely have said romance! In fact, my blog started off solely as a romance blog, paranormal romance to be precise. While romance is still a genre I read, my choice of books has become a lot more eclectic in recent years. Low fantasy is great. As you say, there’s just something about the idea that the magic in the book could happen in the real world too 😍 Great post!


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