Book Review: We Were Liars

If you liked this book, you may be in for a rough review.

Cadence Sinclair is from a prominent and seemingly idyllic Massachusetts family. But, things are not what they seem. All of her relatives are fighting over their inheritances, meanwhile Cadence is wrestling with feelings for her friend, Gat, and trying to figure out what happened in an accident that took her memories. With Gat and her cousins’ help, she must figure out the truth and attempt to repair her life once again.

After finishing this, all I had to say was “so what?” I really didn’t get the point. There’s a rich family with grossly racist undertones, some really dangerous and unbelievable mistakes, and a very dramatic plot twist. And I don’t mean dramatic in a good way. I’m not someone who needs a message or lesson in every book, but this really felt like a bunch of random events strung together without any intention.

I also didn’t feel connected to the characters AT ALL. They read as an odd mixture of childish and robotic, and I couldn’t for the life of me keep everyone straight. In retrospect that could’ve been on purpose (though I won’t spoil why), but truly I have no clue. Cadence as a narrator wasn’t awful, but also didn’t add anything to the story.

Really the only good things I have to say was that it was short, and the plot twist was a little unexpected? But wow, was it drawn out. And once it’s revealed, Cadence spends about 10 years rehashing all of the other character’s personalities for the hundredth time. Then *poof* the book ends. After such a long build up, I was definitely expecting more of a resolution. I read the author’s note Hoping for some clarity, and she talked about how the book was a risk, and that she feared people wouldn’t get it. I was definitely someone who did not.

That being said, I can understand why some people liked it. After reading the original proposal Lockhart included, I kind of got it. But not enough for me to change my own opinion. Who knows though, there’s a reason it resonated with so many people, so it may be worth a shot for you.

Happy reading
(P.S. let me know what you think of the new dividers I have!)

Rating: 2.5/5
Pace: slow-medium
Intended audience: young adults
Content warnings: death of a loved one, mention of rape, drug abuse

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36 thoughts on “Book Review: We Were Liars

  1. Even though I really like this book, I completely understand why you didn’t like it. I agreed with most of what you said because it is an odd one.

    I think for me it was the ending. It’s been years since I read this and I remember that the twist blew me away, so I guess that’s why I enjoyed it so much. But… I guess I should reread it cause I can’t remember much else 😬

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    1. Hahah I totally get why people would like it! For me it felt like a very bad version of a book I absolutely love (how it feels to float) in pretty much every way, so I was disappointed. I suspected a little about the twist but it was still really big and heartbreaking!

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  2. I haven’t read this book but honestly speaking, this is the first time I have seen a negative review of the book. I have read one E. Lockhart book and hated it, so I was sorta surprised to see good reviews of this one

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  3. Your dividers are cool. They blend in with your blog’s theme.
    Nice review. I don’t like slow-paced books, but I’ll check this one out.


  4. I’ve only heard good things about this book, so it’s very interesting to hear from someone who didn’t enjoy it. Thanks for the honest review! Also, the dividers look great. I’m assuming you designed them yourself!

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  5. Thank you for the transparent review! We Were Liars is a book I have never been too interested in picking up and I honestly think it’s because it was super hyped up and it made me lose interest. Plus, I think this mystery would maybe put me in a slump and I am not trying to risk that haha

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  6. This is one I’ve been toying with reading for awhile now. I think, based on your review, it might still be on the table to be read at some point. It’s just under more things now. I’m curious, but it never looked like something I was going to pause my TBR list over.

    The dividers are a nice touch and they fit well with the rest of your theme.

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  7. It takes courage to leave a negative review on something that a lot of people like. I’m glad you’re brave (and hopefully nobody has sent you a nasty message or anything). You describe the family as “robotic” — do you think the author was going for Nightmare Beneath Gleaming Suburban Veneer type of feel (if that makes sense) and not achieving it, or is it something else? From what you say here, it feels like the author was *trying* for a lot of things but perhaps not achieving them, as well as just a poor story structure.

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    1. No worries, I have awesome followers and haven’t received anything rude (: and I can’t say I know what that is. What I personally think happened *SPOILER ALERT* is that because they are a manifestation of the character’s guilt, and not actually alive anymore, that they’re supposed to be kind of unrealistic. It would also make sense why they seem young, because they didn’t age with the MC. I think the author wanted to write something really heartbreaking, but the buildup just didn’t do it.


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