ARC Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

For as much hype as this book had, I was hoping for a little more. (Also I actually read this a while ago, but am very overwhelmed with school so I’m tapping into my review reserves)

19 year old Feyre lives near the wall between Faeries and humans, where a tenuous treaty keeps the two worlds at peace. However, one day while hunting in the woods, she kills a wolf and brings on the unexpected wrath of one of Tamlin, one of the Fae. She is forced to return with him to the Faerie realm, where she must confront her warring feelings for him, as well as a dark power that is growing in the land.

There were several parts in this book that I got lost in, both in good and bad ways.

The most enjoyable aspect of it for me was Prythian (the Faerie realm). The world-building was really great, and I loved the different Courts of the Faerie kingdom. It was interesting to see Faerie mixed with a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story, as these are two concepts that worked great together, but I would never have thought of.

However, I was disappointed with the characters. The enemies-to-lovers relationship we got in this book felt rushed, forced, and just awkward at times. Despite the story lagging on in many parts, the romance was very fast in a way that wasn’t believable. It seemed like there was so much of the plot that could have been condensed and instead replaced with a better buildup of the different character’s feelings. 

The other major problem I had was the repetition (both in language and plot). I NEVER. EVER. Want to see the words growl, snarl, feral, ignorant, or human ever again. I think I would have been less frustrated with this if a more expansive vocabulary had been used instead of the same four descriptive terms over and over. Additionally, there was a lot of rehashing of Feyre’s inner thoughts that made the book much longer than it needed to be.

Despite the problems though, I think that the general storyline had a lot of promise. I was very invested in the world and wanted to find out its fate, even if I didn’t connect very well with the characters. I’m really excited to see more of Prythian, and hope that writing will be better divided between character building and plot in the next books of the series.

Happy Reading!

Rating: 3/5
Pacing: slow beginning, medium end
Content warnings: mentions of sexual assault, gore
Intended audience: Adult* 

*Side note, there is a lot of debate about if this book should be categorized as YA or not. I believe this is an adult book, as there are many graphic scenes, and a lot of the central plot points revolve around physical intimacy

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36 thoughts on “ARC Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

  1. I read this a very long time ago and like you felt very underwhelmed. But also, it’s such a popular series, I’m wondering if I should give it a second try.


  2. Oh my!!! I’m currently reading this book you can imagine how I excited I was when I saw your review. I mean I had high expectations for this book because someone mentioned it’d make me cry. I’m into page 500 and I’ve not cried. The plot is just too slow for me. I’m almost done and I can’t wait to give a review on it too.

    Good job🤗


  3. I’m sorry you didn’t like it too much. I PROMISE that it gets so so so much better. The second book is a freaking game changer and you get to see so much of the world that is simply gorgeous! Great review, J 💖


  4. After seeing a lot about this book, I’m happy to read a full on review of it. Though I do feel like the repetition of language you mentioned might keep me from getting into it if I ever got the chance to read it.


      1. That sounds pretty bad repetition wise, yeah. I admit, I can put up with repetition but if it’s going to be there I need it to tie into a theme or something that’s a character bit.


  5. Thanks for your review! I was thinking about reading this one, but then I read your review & it slid a little further down towards ‘maybe not’. But now I’ve read all the other comments about book 2 & it’s right back up near the top of the list again! 😃


  6. I have to say, the first book is NOTHING compared to the second and third books. I promise the story and the characters get better! TOG is her other series, and I think that one has a much stronger world built around it than ACOTAR, which is more focused on the romance. Great review though! 🙂


  7. It’s amazing how repetition can twist a perfectly innocent word or phrase into an annoying gremlin. Probably the first time I noticed awkward writing in a book was a case of repetition. The author used “cried out” so often that after a while, I wanted to shake the book and yell, “Just say she screamed for once!” Seriously, it was all, “she cried out in pain,” “she cried out in frustration,” “she cried out in…” Ugh.


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