Discussion: Bookish Pet Peeves

I’m not sure this counts as a “check in”– it’s more of a discussion post, but I was too lazy to make another graphic (edit: I have made another graphic). Oh well! Today I am feeling grumpy, so I will be giving you guys a list of my biggest bookish pet peeves. Hooray!

1. Books where the author name is bigger than the title
This one really gets me. Did they think we were having a hard time finding it? Is the author really the only selling point? If I wanted to read a book just because of the author, I wouldn’t need their name in bold faced 30 pt font to figure it out. I feel like I’m playing I-spy with the title. And to be honest, I’m clueless enough to think it’s a Stephen King biography instead of a game of hide-and-seek with the book’s actual name. Very unnecessary, in my opinion.

2. Books with cartoon-y covers
I feel like I’m going to get hate for this one, but I really hate those new minimalist cartoon romance-y covers. Don’t get me wrong they don’t deter me from reading the book. But I don’t enjoy them stylistically. I much prefer my book covers to be absent of people entirely, actually, and have some sort of pretty design or insignia instead.

3. Small text
Am I really just an 80 year old trapped in a 21 year old body? Probably. Because I can’t stand tiny text. When I read on my kindle, the text is so big you could read it from the next room over. So when I switch back to print books and practically have to get out my magnifying glass to read, I can’t say I’m a fan. Could I just get reading glasses? Sure. Will I? Probably not.

4. Books that are unnecessarily long
Key word: Unnecessarily. If you really needed those 1000+ pages to tell a fantastic story, I’m all ears (er–eyes) for it. But any time a book starts to drag on I immediately see other aspects of it in a more negative light. I think that having a slow plot gives me time to really think over every part of the book, and me thinking too much is almost never a good thing. I am also unusual in that the joy of reading for me is being immersed in so many different worlds, rather than picking a favorite series or two to really get lost in. So, when I spend too much time in one book, I start to get a little antsy if it isn’t done well.

I’m sure I could keep this list going, but there are my top 4! What are your bookish pet peeves? Do you agree with mine?

Happy reading (:

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60 thoughts on “Discussion: Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. #2: I won’t hate on you. I promise. (Hahaha…) I respect your opinion. I’m kind of back and forth depending on the cover itself, but generally like them.

    #3 I too am trapped in an 80 year old body. The small text is such a strain on eyes so I zoom in on my reading app as well. When I try to read without my glasses, it gets even bigger. 🀣🀣🀣

    I enjoyed the post. Please share more pet peeves. This was a fun read. 😁

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  2. Love these as I’ve had similar thoughts while reading! I’ve been reading a lot of ebooks, so I picked up my newest paperback to and now believe that I too am trapped in an 80 year old body as the print is tiny haha

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  3. I personally love the new cartoo-ny covers ahaha, but I completely agree with you on the small text and unnecessarily long books!
    I really liked this post!

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  4. Oooooh, two and four drive me crazy. I hate the new cartoony cover trend. I only like people on my covers if they’re VERY well done. Publishers, please take your saturday morning cartoons and badly photoshopped pictures off book covers forever. Unnecessarily long books are possibly my #1 book pet peeve. I swear 80% of the books I’ve read could be at least 20k words shorter, it’s why I’ve turned to novellas lately. Also, I’ve never thought about the size of the author’s name, but now that I am… ugh.

    Something else that bothers me is weak/amateur writing styles. (This is the worst in YA books, the quality control always seems to drop on the publisher’s side when a genre’s reader base is composed largely of girls and women.) Debut book? Eh, everyone has room to grow. After that? Authors, you can pick up Strunk’s Elements of Style on Kindle for $2 or less and programs like ProWritingAid have free versions. There’s no excuses in 2021!

    But… I love tiny text. More reading, less eye movement. It’s probably why my glasses are an inch thick.

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  5. Omg I totally agree with the authors name being bigger than the title! Sometimes it takes me a minute or two to find the title and sometimes I just give up and put the book back on the shelf πŸ˜‚

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  6. These are great. I’m in total agreement with you on 2, 3, and 4. 1 I can take or leave. Reading on a kindle I see the cover so rarely I guess it doesn’t have a big affect on me. One of my peeves is when an ebook isn’t formatted for page numbers. I really prefer to have a page count available. Great list.

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  7. This was fun to read, this cheered me up a lot! I don’t know if this counts as a peeve, but I noticed a lot of fantasy books having titles that look a lot like mad libs of GRRM novels. It’s getting really grating and I don’t know why πŸ˜‚

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  8. I agree with the cartoonish book covers. There’s a whole new minimalist/graphic design element to a lot of cover art lately that just doesn’t make me want to pick up the book. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover buuuuuut…

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  9. Yeahhh huge author names!!! I didn’t even know that it bothered me until this post. Also, I kinda like cartoony stuff on the cover. Not all of them. But some them are too cute for me to hate haha. I hate people on covers yeah. Like real people. But I don’t mind those cute lil cartoons 😁

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  10. Agree with all of these, especially the small fonts one. I find it so hard to concentrate on the pages. Would totally prefer bigger font even if that meant more pages and heavier book πŸ˜….

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  11. I also dislike people on covers, even more so if it’s a movie tie-in edition with the actors in the picture and you can’t find the old edition anywhere…multiply that by 10 if there’s a icon that looks like a sticker but is actually printed onto the book itself reminding you that it’s soon to be a netflix adaptation. Lol.

    That and deckled edges. Please, I just want to enjoy the book, not struggle every time I need to turn the page.

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  12. One of the funniest things about the giant author names on covers is that sometimes I mistake them for part of the title. There’s this one by Lisa Jackson that looks like it reads, “Lisa Jackson Deserves to Die.” That always trips up my brain. πŸ˜‚

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  13. damn you make some really good points there. best one is the font size ngl. no point reading if you cant see the text!


  14. Yess! I know they say “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I for sure do, Like we gotta get this nice looking, inviting covers because that’s what’s going to get me to pick up your book


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