Check-In: Exciting Bookish News

Hey guys, so despite disappearing again I’m back with that ~very special~ announcement. This summer I’m going to be working on a research project surrounding, you guessed it, books! Specifically I’m going to be looking into the topic of why it’s so important to read fiction with diverse characters.

I know this is hotly debated in the reviewing community right now, and I’ve seen viewpoints ranging from people who don’t care about diversity on way or another, to people who active try not to read diversely. Either way, there is so so much psychological evidence for why having diverse characters in fiction is important.

Specially I’m going to be looking into four main subtopics: how counter stereotypes in fiction are beneficial, the positive impact of diverse children’s books, how fiction is related to, and improves, empathy, and how stereotypes in various forms of media are harmful. I plan to update you guys with my findings every few weeks, and I would love to hear feedback on my work! If there are any suggestions you have, or pieces of the project you find particularly interesting, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

I’m so excited to start this, and hope you all are excited to learn along with me!

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29 thoughts on “Check-In: Exciting Bookish News

  1. This is such an important topic! I did a research project on diverse books in children’s lit & education last semester so I’m excited to see what you find!


  2. What a cool project! I saw a webinar a while back (I think it was from Ryan Dowd) that cited studies showing that reading fiction can increase people’s empathy more so than nonfiction because it places you in someone’s life experience. Sounds like a great argument for diverse books to me!


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