Book Review: One Last Stop

Sigh. This is why I can’t read romance books.

August doesn’t believe in putting down roots, getting too comfortable, and she certainly doesn’t believe in love. That’s is until she meets Jane on day on the subway, a girl that looks like she could be straight out of a 70s. There’s just one problem: Jane really is from the 70s and is now in one time and one place. Together, August and Jane must unravel the mystery of where she is from and how to get her back before it’s too late.

Warning to all single people, you will cry while reading this. And I’m guessing not single people will cry too, but for different reasons. I very much identified with the August who didn’t believe in love, so this book gave me a “where is my Jane???” Crisis moment. So. Many. Tears. The romance was devastating, beautiful, heart stopping. It was absolutely amazingly written.

However, I will say I didn’t quite get into the book until over halfway through. The buildup really did make me feel like I knew August in Jane, but as someone who enjoys plot-driven novels, I wanted there to be some more action. There wasn’t a ton that happened until the last 25% or so, but the ending was so worth the wait!

My other favorite part of this book was the dialogue. Oh my god it was pure millennial/gen z humor and I was absolutely living for it. I couldn’t get over how witty even the side characters were (Niko, Wes, and Myla were my faves of course). And either this author is LGBTQ, or they just get the community. Everything down to the mutual pining between Jane and August was so incredibly accurate. Plus, including a character from the 70s meant a lot of really important discussions happened around the historical mistreatment of gay people, the HIV/AIDS crisis, gay rights, etc.

I was a bit skeptical when I heard this was a time travel romance, but I actually thought the concept worked really well. It had kind of an interesting twist, and was done in a pretty believable way. It was fun unraveling the mystery of Jane’s story, and getting to see her and August grow together as they each learned more about themselves. I almost wish we could have another book where it’s just Jane and August being gushy in love and going on adventures together. 100% would buy that.

Aside from the slow start, this was a great read! I especially recommend it to people who love emotional sapphic romances, and especially ones that are character-driven.

Happy reading (:

Rating: 4/5
Pacing: slow beginning, fast end
Intended audience: New adult
Content warnings: mentions of homophobia, death of a loved one

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35 thoughts on “Book Review: One Last Stop

  1. Great review! I have had this one on my tbr for the longest time. I love the cover and was skeptical to read reviews because I wanted to go into it with an open mind. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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