Book Review: One Last Stop

Sigh. This is why I can’t read romance books. August doesn’t believe in putting down roots, getting too comfortable, and she certainly doesn’t believe in love. That’s is until she meets Jane on day on the subway, a girl that looks like she could be straight out of a 70s. There’s just one problem: Jane … Continue reading Book Review: One Last Stop

ARC Review: Carmilla

Lesbian vampire novels from the 1800s is a genre I didn’t know I needed until now. Laura is devastated when her summer companion dies before making it to her household. When the bewitching and beautiful Carmilla shows up shortly after, it seems like a stroke of good fortune. But with a strange illness sweeping through … Continue reading ARC Review: Carmilla

Book Review: Empress of Salt and Fortune

Ok, so goodreads definitely lied to me.  Chih is traveling to see the eclipse and the new Empress’ Dragon Court When she stops to record the contents of the house Thriving Fortune, Empress In-Yo’s residence while she lived in exile. Told through the memories passed between an old woman named Rabbit and a non-binary Cleric … Continue reading Book Review: Empress of Salt and Fortune