ARC Review: Threads that Bind

There is absolutely no better feeling than when a book you’re looking forward to is just that good. In the flooded city of Alante, Io is one of the other-born—dependents of the Gods. Specifically, she is descended from the Moira, meaning that she and her two sisters can see the threads of fate that connect … Continue reading ARC Review: Threads that Bind

ARC Review: The Immeasurable Depth of You

This is one of those books that that you hold close to your heart and hope a piece of it stays there.  When Brynn’s mom finds a concerning tumblr post on her account, she decides the best thing for Brynn is to spend the summer on her dad’s houseboat. No internet. No friends. Just Brynn, … Continue reading ARC Review: The Immeasurable Depth of You