Check in: It’s been a while…

Sigh. Apparently it is my destiny to go on hiatuses with 0 warning and for undetermined lengths of time. The good part is that I always seem to find my way back! Of course, I’ve missed you guys! Before I get back into blogging I figured I’d give you a small life update post. I … Continue reading Check in: It’s been a while…

Research: Stereotypes and Books

Well well friends, it's been a while! But I am back to finally give you the conclusion to my research series (I know you have been eagerly awaiting it, after all). However, while there is much research about the benefits of counterstereotypes in literature, there is relatively little research about the impact of stereotypical representations … Continue reading Research: Stereotypes and Books

How Books Make Us More Empathetic (Research Part 1)

So, when I started my unit on empathy, what I expected to find out was “reading fiction makes people more empathetic” point blank period. And because nothing I think is simple is ever actually simple, I’m going to need a whole two blog posts to cover the complexity of empathy. Horray! You all get to … Continue reading How Books Make Us More Empathetic (Research Part 1)

Bookish Research: Children and Diverse Books

Hello everyone, welcome to my second research post of the summer! This week's topic is the importance of having diverse children’s literature.  One of the most researched areas of stereotypes in children’s books is on the topic gender stereotypes. As of 2020, researchers note the continued disproportionate representation of male protagonists in children’s books. Oftentimes, … Continue reading Bookish Research: Children and Diverse Books