ARC Review! All of us Villains

Was it what I was expecting? No. Did it get me out of a months long reading slump? Yes.  The town of Ilvernath has a secret—it is the last town on earth that has access to high magick. Magick that is awarded to one of seven families through a deadly curse. Every 20 years, each … Continue reading ARC Review! All of us Villains

ARC Review: Our Violent Ends

So I was a really big fan of These Violent delights. And while I definitely enjoyed Our Violent Ends, I wouldn’t say it quite lived up to the first book. Still 1000% better than Shakespeare though. Roma and Juliette return while facing an even bigger threat. Not only are monsters lurking in the city, but someone … Continue reading ARC Review: Our Violent Ends

Research: Stereotypes and Books

Well well friends, it's been a while! But I am back to finally give you the conclusion to my research series (I know you have been eagerly awaiting it, after all). However, while there is much research about the benefits of counterstereotypes in literature, there is relatively little research about the impact of stereotypical representations … Continue reading Research: Stereotypes and Books