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Book Review: Cinder

I fully expected to read this book and abandon the series, but was pleasantly surprised. Cinder’s days are spent working as a mechanic at the service of her (pretty much evil) step family. She also happens to be a cyborg in a society where humans rule. When the one person she cares about becomes infected … Continue reading Book Review: Cinder

Book Review: Caraval

I have never loved a plot so much while also viscerally hating the way it’s written.  Scarlet and her sister, Donatella, have always dreamed of going to Caraval, a msterious and magical performance that occurs once a year. This year, Scarlet and Tella sneak away from their abusive home to experience it before Scarlet gets … Continue reading Book Review: Caraval

Favorite Friday: Favorite Trope

Hello friends, I’m so excited to start up favorite Fridays again, and with a very intriguing topic. I’ve found that most tropes I either don’t feel strongly about (like enemies-to-lovers), or I am beginning to tire of (heroine in a medieval fantasy world rises against the patriarchy). However, there is one, above all others that … Continue reading Favorite Friday: Favorite Trope


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