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ARC Review: A Far Wilder Magic

What a cute lil magical story! I’m so tired of giving formal summaries of books so let me sum it up like this: Margaret misses her alchemist mom who abandoned her to search for the last Hala, a mythical creature of great power and destruction. Enter: Wes. An absolute golden retriever of a human who … Continue reading ARC Review: A Far Wilder Magic

Discussion: Why I love reading

Or an alternative title: why is liking books my only personality trait? Well, books and my multitude of houseplants. *Sigh* I love books. I’ve loved them since I was a little kid. I remember at 13 I started having more fictional friends than real ones, and the same is true for 22 year old me. … Continue reading Discussion: Why I love reading

ARC Review! All of us Villains

Was it what I was expecting? No. Did it get me out of a months long reading slump? Yes.  The town of Ilvernath has a secret—it is the last town on earth that has access to high magick. Magick that is awarded to one of seven families through a deadly curse. Every 20 years, each … Continue reading ARC Review! All of us Villains

ARC Review: Our Violent Ends

So I was a really big fan of These Violent delights. And while I definitely enjoyed Our Violent Ends, I wouldn’t say it quite lived up to the first book. Still 1000% better than Shakespeare though. Roma and Juliette return while facing an even bigger threat. Not only are monsters lurking in the city, but someone … Continue reading ARC Review: Our Violent Ends


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