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ARC Review: A Dowry of Blood

An absolutely gut-wrenching, vivid, and poignant story. Told in the form of a letter from Constanta to her former love, this story depicts the difficulty of breaking away from an abuser. The tale follows Dracula (who is addressed as “you,” but never actually named) and his three partners: Constanta, Magdalena, and Alexi. What at first … Continue reading ARC Review: A Dowry of Blood

ARC Review: These Violent Delights

As someone who really dislikes Shakespeare (but really wants to like it), I’m so happy to have found a retelling of Romeo and Juliet that I enjoyed! Juliette Cai and Roma Montagov are sworn enemies due to the blood feud between their two gangs: the Scarlets and White Flowers. But suddenly a madness starts infecting … Continue reading ARC Review: These Violent Delights

Check-In: Bookish Pet Peeves

I’m not sure this counts as a “check in”– it’s more of a discussion post, but I was too lazy to make another graphic. Oh well! Today I am feeling grumpy, so I will be giving you guys a list of my biggest bookish pet peeves. Hooray! 1. Books where the author name is bigger … Continue reading Check-In: Bookish Pet Peeves

Book Review: The Starless Sea

This review is going to be a little different. I first read The Starless Sea last year, and it almost instantly became my favorite book. I recently bought my own copy of it, and wanted to do a review based on how I remember liking the book before I dive into for a second time, … Continue reading Book Review: The Starless Sea

Book Review: Scythe

I think I’m going to have to change my name to “the unpopular opinions book blog” The first quality a scythe needs is to not want to be a scythe. When Rowan and Citra are selected to be scythe apprentices, they immediately know they don’t want the job. But, there is something alluring about being … Continue reading Book Review: Scythe


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