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Welcome Back

SO, it’s safe to say that I took an unexpected hiatus, reading slump, what have you. School absolutely caught me off guard, as did my bookmark business picking up. I haven’t had much time to read lately, but I am going to make a big effort to be active here again because I MISS YOU … Continue reading Welcome Back

Book Review: We Were Liars

If you liked this book, you may be in for a rough review. Cadence Sinclair is from a prominent and seemingly idyllic Massachusetts family. But, things are not what they seem. All of her relatives are fighting over their inheritances, meanwhile Cadence is wrestling with feelings for her friend, Gat, and trying to figure out … Continue reading Book Review: We Were Liars

ARC review: Opium and Absinthe

This was a very enjoyable, although slightly predictable, read! After injuring herself in an accident, Tillie Pembroke awakes to find her entire life turned upside down. Her sister, Lucy, has been murdered in what appears to be a vampire attack, and Tillie begins to rely on opiates to relieve her physical and emotional pain. She … Continue reading ARC review: Opium and Absinthe


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