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ARC Review: The Bone Way

I so, so badly wanted to enjoy this. I mean, a WLW retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice?? That sounds made for me. Teagan is in grave danger. A magical poison is slowly killing her, and the only possible cure seems to lie through the Bone Way in the Shadow Princess’ realm. Cress, Teagan’s wife, is … Continue reading ARC Review: The Bone Way

ARC Review: Yolk

So I fully expected that this book was going to break me, I just didn’t expect that THAT was the way it was going to break me. Jayne is a New York City living college student, who seems pretty distanced from her family even though her sister, June, lives only streets away. That changes when … Continue reading ARC Review: Yolk

Bookish Research: Empathy

So, when I started my unit on empathy, what I expected to find out was “reading fiction makes people more empathetic” point blank period. And because nothing I think is simple is ever actually simple, I’m going to need a whole two blog posts to cover the complexity of empathy. Horray! You all get to … Continue reading Bookish Research: Empathy

ARC Review: Foretold

Apologies in advance, but this review is going to be a very personal one. When I saw that there was a book about someone with OCD and superpowers, I genuinely screamed. I remember the first time someone described OCD to me as being a kind of power, it made the world look so much brighter to … Continue reading ARC Review: Foretold

ARC Review: A Master of Djinn

Once again, P. Djèlí Clark weaves an absolutely stunning fantasy world. Set in his alternate Cairo of the 1900’s, Agent Fatma el-Sha’arawi is back in the newest Dead Djinn mystery. When twenty members of a mysterious brotherhood dedicated to the famous Al-Jahiz turn up dead, Fatma and her new partner must find the culprit. Together … Continue reading ARC Review: A Master of Djinn


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