ARC Review: A Far Wilder Magic

What a cute lil magical story! I’m so tired of giving formal summaries of books so let me sum it up like this: Margaret misses her alchemist mom who abandoned her to search for the last Hala, a mythical creature of great power and destruction. Enter: Wes. An absolute golden retriever of a human who … Continue reading ARC Review: A Far Wilder Magic

Discussion: Why I love reading

Or an alternative title: why is liking books my only personality trait? Well, books and my multitude of houseplants. *Sigh* I love books. I've loved them since I was a little kid. I remember at 13 I started having more fictional friends than real ones, and the same is true for 22 year old me. … Continue reading Discussion: Why I love reading

Research: Stereotypes and Books

Well well friends, it's been a while! But I am back to finally give you the conclusion to my research series (I know you have been eagerly awaiting it, after all). However, while there is much research about the benefits of counterstereotypes in literature, there is relatively little research about the impact of stereotypical representations … Continue reading Research: Stereotypes and Books